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“...It's kind of a classic pop song...and If we just take it out of the original hands, and give it a slightly different interpretation, perhaps we can reveal it some splendor---if it has any.” Check out Richard Thompson performing ‘Oops!...I Did It Again’, the pop song made famous by Britney Spears.



Patterson Hood & The Downtown 13 is a band formed by the Drive-By Truckers frontman and is comprised of members of Widespread Panic, R.E.M., Futurebirds, Hope For Agoldensummer, Lera Lynn, Justified True Belief and The Quick Hooks. This fine group of musicians organized to write and record the song ‘After It’s Gone’ to draw attention to a project called Protect Downtown Athens. Check out this most excellent music video.


Protect Downtown Athens aims to educate the citizenry about a land development proposal in downtown Athens, GA. With Walmart as the evil anchor tenant the development could mean the end of many small businesses and the demise of the existing downtown. For more information on Protect Downtown Athens follow this link Protect Downtown Athens.